Kynan’s G5 Exhibition

Kynan and Rafael are in the last 3 weeks of school.  Kynan, being in Grade 5 and graduating to Grade 6, will move from PYP to MYP which means he physically will be in a different part of the school which is off-limits to PYP students.  This is a big deal for the students.  To finish off their year the Grade 5 students have to choose a theme and create a project which demonstrates this theme.  Kynan chose the theme “conflict” and decided to demonstrate this theme through the use of animation.

Let’s be honest, creating an animation from scratch is something which any of us would find challenging.  I helped Kynan create a list of different animation software and from the list he decided to try the open source Blender since it has great reviews and is free (being open source).  Indeed Blender is a great piece of software and has as much if not more functionality than many of the top line paid software for animation!  We were both really impressed – thanks Blender!  Unfortunately although the functionality of Blender is fabulous Kynan found it very difficult to start as a beginner as he couldn’t find suitable beginner style lessons to learn how to use the software.  I’m sure that they exist somewhere however we couldn’t find them in the time we searched.  So Kynan continued down his list and found that Anime Studio Debut 9 also looked promising.   Anime Studio was also extremely customer friendly in allowing a 30 day free trial of the software!  So Kynan downloaded and installed the software and quickly found himself creating his animation!  It seems we found a winner with Anime Studio Debut 9.

So at this point my only contribution was to provide the credit card in order to download the software.  To clarify, although it is a 30 day trial one still has to provide a valid credit card but it isn’t charged unless one doesn’t cancel the trial and 30 days passes.  I guess they do this to make sure that the downloaders are genuinely interested in purchasing the software.  After I had provided my credit card details Kynan then carried the torch and did everything you see in the final product.

Kynan spent a long time in learning how to use the software and also creating his animation.  Added to this he also made the animation plan i.e. characters, scenes, background etc., and wrote the dialogue. What a great little producer!  I saw him taking lessons through Anime Studio and doing searches on character creation, mouth creation, how to add dialogue to characters, how to get the mouth to move in line with dialogue, etc.  He also got his classmate Jehan to help out in providing the voices.  Kynan also downloaded a voice changer so that he could create a different sounding character voice through changing voice pitch.  Did I mention it was a lot of work for him?  He had to rush at the end to get the animation finished and he did tell me that there were still some areas which he wanted to improve, however I counseled that the most important thing was to put out a finished product with some flaws rather than in incomplete product which was perfect.

So we went to see the exhibition yesterday evening.  G5 had a short presentation in the auditorium first and then we went to view the different projects.  To be honest I was really surprised at the projects.  The kids could (and did) form groups to create their projects in order to put across the message of their theme.  For example 3 girls formed a dance group and put together a short dance to provide a message for their theme.  A group of 5 guys followed suit, also performing a dance to get across their message.  Another child worked alone and played a song on the piano to get across his message, and yet another rapped out some lyrics.  I’m afraid though that for all these musical / dance groups I had no idea what their message was!  It looked like they had a great time dancing / singing though.  What caused my surprise was that to me Kynan’s work was on a different level than the other kids.  Kynan had spent hours and hours and hours to learn the software and create the animation.  Technically it appeared much more advanced that other projects I saw – however of course I am biased ;)

Here is the presentation in the auditorium – Kynan is wearing a red shirt:

Here is Kynan with Jehan:

Here is a video of Kynan and Jehan, showing and explaining their animation at the exhibition:

Here is the animation!


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  1. John Lee

    Hey, Kynan, how u doin’?

    Do you remember me? :P I’m John in Singapore! Remember me and Thomas?
    Miss u and Jehan :P

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