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Freaky Friday…..

As you probably know when I was in London recently I slipped on some stairs in the Tower of London and hurt my arm.  At the time – after it was ascertained that I was ok – my mates joked that maybe one of my ancestors was responsible for putting some prisoner in the Tower, and it was this prisoner’s ghost that had pushed me down the stairs.

Many of you know that for the past couple of years I’ve been working on the family tree.  I’ve been a little frustrated as the farthest I’ve been able to go back in tracing the “Hancock” name is only to my great grandfather who came out from England.  I heard that my grandfather was born on the ship during the voyage out.  Last weekend I was searching through the website of the New Zealand department of internal affairs, putting in different names etc. to see what I could get, and found that I could order the birth certificate of my grandfather.  I searched further and fortunately (since the NZ population is so small I guess) there were only 2 entries in the database for my great grandfather’s name!  It was then that I had my first discovery, I found that my great uncle actually had the same name as my great grandfather however he went by his middle name whereas my great grandfather went by his first name.  So I ordered both death certificates (as my great uncle is also dead) and was hoping that perhaps the death certificate of my great grandfather would show his date of birth so that I could then search for his birth certificate in England.

So today both death certificates arrived in my email!  Unfortunately my great grandfather’s death certificate doesn’t have his date of birth, however it does have his age at death so I now know the year of his birth – and believe after searching that I’ve found the relevant Hancock in the England birth records!  I have ordered that birth certificate.  However my great grandfather’s death certificate had some other amazing information.  It had the name of HIS father!  So I now know that my great great grandfather was Alfred James Hancock!  The death certificate even had the occupation of my great great grandfather!  There in black and white it states that he was a “principal prison warder”……

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Freaky Friday…….

Kids on holiday

The kids finished up their school year this week and the new school year will start in August.  Kynan’s last few days were particularly special as he has finished PYP and will start at MYP in August.  In case you don’t know the IB system is split into 3 parts, the Primary Years Program, the Middle Years Program and the Diploma Program.   With Kynan graduating into the MYP he will be in a separate part of the school now than Rafael and has new freedoms such as not having to be signed out of school by an adult at the end of the school day.  So his class’ end of year party was pretty special for him.  They all went to the local ice-skating rink a couple of Fridays ago to celebrate, and I can tell you that seeing all the kids skating around really had me feeling old!  All the pictures are at the gallery.

Rafael has one year left in PYP (being grade 5) before he too makes the move to MYP.

Then Tuesday this week was their last day in school and they had a school concert.  You can also see pictures of that in the gallery.

Here is Rafael with his teacher.