Buying Bitcoins in New Zealand

I mentioned Bitcoins in a previous post and my opinion is that this new currency is incredibly exciting.  If adopted by the majority of people then it really would break the disgusting hold that banks and big business have on the economy. I found a great plugin for WordPress which allows someone to tip the blog author if they like the blog content.  You will see this now at the end of each blog.  I don’t expect that any of my readers will have Bitcoins yet but maybe with more exposure people will be willing to give it a go.

Unfortunately there is a bit of a learning curve in using Bitcoins for the first time, however if one compares it to opening a bank account and getting all the paperwork together and reading the documents etc., the complexity is similar.

I see that an enterprising individual in New Zealand has already opened a service to help NZers buy Bitcoins.  To get more information you can open an account (for free) at BitNZ and then click on “How it Works”.  Note that the first time you visit the site you may get a security warning saying that the page you are going to visit is “untrusted”.  This is because the site encrypts your information (which is a great thing – it is what banks do), however they have not purchased a certificate that would get rid of the warning.  The certificate isn’t required for encryption to work – but rather is a kind of scam by the certificate issuing guys to get revenue!  Just click to accept the warning and confirm the exception, and you’ll get to the BitNZ site.

I haven’t purchased any Bitcoins through the site, however Daniel’s name and number is freely available (I presume he is the owner).  In any case just try a small sum first so you can test the system and get familiar with the process.  You will get a Bitcoin address (which is a bit like a bank account) from BitNZ to hold your Bitcoins, however in the long term I would recommend you create your own Bitcoin address on your own computer and send your Bitcoins there.  If you need help with that just leave me a note in the comments.

And if you ever want to do a guest blog, just let me know.  You might get some tips!


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